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New Release

Ghosts from the Veil

Ghosts from Edinburgh’s past haunt supernatural detective Hugh McRath…

Hugh would like nothing better than to be left alone to drink his way through retirement and forget his history. But the dead have problems he needs to solve…or the living will suffer the consequences.

Can Hugh, with the unwanted guidance of teenage ghost Fanny Archibald, transfer the lost souls back across the veil to the land of the dead?

Readers will love these five twisted ghost tales set in the historic city of Edinburgh.

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The Rebel Diaries

Do you like villains, antiheroes, characters with dubious morals? We’ve got you covered.

Thirteen authors have collaborated to bring you thirteen dastardly tales of revenge, vengeance, retribution, second chances, villainy conquering all, and, of course, love.


'Its so dark. Who hurt you?'

Scott's friend

Praise & Reviews

'I loved the first story. You had a Great Uncle called Hugh. Known as Hughy.'

Scott's Gran

'Woof. Woof.'

Translatation - 'Less writing. More treats.'

Scott's dog, and ultimate ruler, Ruby

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About Scott Williamson

Scott Williamson is a Scottish writer who does not have the attention span to write in one genre, so plans to write in them all. All of his stories have a twist of Scottish cheek, a nip of darkness and a sprinkle of hope. Scott lives in Auld Reekie Edinburgh with his wife and three kids. When he is not in his writing cage fighting with the blank page, he is curled up and broken on the couch after a day of parenting his tearaway children.

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