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Ghosts from the Veil

Ghosts from Edinburgh's past haunt supernatural detective Hugh....

Hugh would like nothing better than to be left alone, so he can drink his way through retirement and forget his own history. But the dead have problems he needs to solve…or the living will suffer the consequences. Can Hugh keep his temper, foul mouth and drinking in check long enough to unravel the puzzle of each ghost before they harm the living?

The dead also want to help. Fanny Archibald, born in 1850 and brutally murdered in 1865, is back to provide her unwanted guidance to Hugh. As if dealing with the dead wasn’t bad enough, now Hugh had the opinions of a 15-year-old to endure...

Can Hugh and Fanny solve the riddle of each ghost and transfer the lost souls back across the veil to the land of the dead?

Readers will love these five twisted ghost tales set in the historic city of Edinburgh.

Get it now, if you dare…

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The Rebel Diaries

What happens when the villain wins?

Sick of dashing debonairs…?

Fed up of being blinded by shining armor…?

Sometimes, you want is a villain for a hero.

Dancing across morally gray lines, these stories are naughty, devious, and downright delicious.

How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

These rebellious tales answer that question. Every character has a dubious set of values. Dark secrets, wanton desires, and the means to win.


These stories go beyond your usual heroes. They explore the darkness inside us, the conflicts we face, and the choices we make when striving for our desires—both good and bad…


But then, none of us are halo-wearing heroes anyway… right?

Get it now.

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